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The Government Inspector at Wollongong Workshop Theatre

Audition FAQs

If you're thinking of auditioning for a Workshop show but haven't auditioned before, you probably have questions about how the process works. Check out our frequently asked questions below!

What is the purpose of an audition?


Auditions are the way in which the production team chooses the actors who will make up the cast. During an audition, the actor has the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and show the audition panel what they can bring to the show. The audition panel - usually the director of the show and one or more members of the production team – can see who is interested in being part of the show and decide which actors best fit their vision for the production.


Who can audition for Workshop shows?


Anyone! We welcome performers of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and experience levels. Each show will have different roles available and these are advertised along with the audition information. Workshop shows usually feature performers with a wide range of experience levels, from professional actors to people stepping on stage for the very first time. We strive to foster a supportive and welcoming creative space, where new actors can learn the craft in a safe environment and experienced actors can sink their teeth into interesting and challenging roles.


Do you have roles for children?


Some shows have roles for children, and this will be advertised in the audition pack for each show.


What will the audition involve?


The format of the audition will vary from show to show, and information will be provided in the audition pack for the relevant production. Generally, auditions involve you performing a short section of the play as the character(s) you are auditioning for. Sometimes the audition material is made available in advance of the audition; other auditions involve ‘cold reading’ – that is, providing the readings to the auditionees in the audition room. The director may also ask you to perform a section more than once and give you directions to adjust your performance each time. 


Regardless of the format of the audition, we just want to meet you and see what you can bring to the production. We don’t expect you to be perfect!


What sort of commitment is required for a show?


The rehearsal schedule for each show varies depending on cast availability and the preferences of the director. Generally, Workshop shows involve rehearsing twice a week, in the evening and/or on weekends. It is normal for some cast members to not be required at every rehearsal.


The week leading up to opening night often involves a heavier rehearsal schedule, which is communicated to the cast in advance. Performances are typically scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees over two or three weekends. Cast members must be available for all show dates.


Can I audition if I have conflicts with the rehearsal schedule?


Yes. Most directors will ask you to declare any known conflicts in advance on the audition form. Having conflicts will not necessarily prevent you from being cast, but it will assist the director with casting and planning their rehearsal schedule.


What costs are involved?


All cast and crew are required to become ordinary members of Wollongong Workshop Theatre for insurance purposes. Ordinary membership costs $5. Cast members may also be asked to provide basic costume items such as hosiery, shoes and make-up at their own cost.


What if I am cast?


Congratulations! Successful cast members will be contacted by the production team and given more information about next steps for the show. Cast lists are posted on the Workshop website and on our social media channels.


What if I am not cast?


Don’t be disheartened. Even the most talented performers have unsuccessful auditions. Be proud of yourself for just turning up and giving it a go, and work out what you can take away from the process for your next audition. And don’t be discouraged from auditioning again – just because you weren’t right for one show doesn’t mean you won’t be perfect for the next one.


I am interested in working backstage or volunteering in another capacity – do I need to audition?


There is no need to audition to be part of the backstage crew for a Workshop production. Simply contact us and let us know how you would like to be involved!

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