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Wollongong Workshop Theatre
Code of Conduct for Members



Wollongong Workshop Theatre is a community organisation which aims to produce quality theatre with a spirit of enjoyment, generosity and cooperation. This Code of Conduct has been written in order to make involvement with the theatre an enjoyable and safe experience for all. Members in breach of the Code of Conduct may find themselves excluded from the organisation or its activities, subject to the rules outlined in the constitution and other governing documents.

Theatre Etiquette

i. Members are to:

a. Maintain punctual attendance for rehearsal or other commitments.

b. Remain quiet offstage, or when it is otherwise required of them.

c. Follow the instructions of the Stage Manager, Director or other appropriate authoritative position.

d. Adhere to the direction of the Director, they have the final say in all creative decisions relating to their play.

e. Keep the theatre space clean and tidy; clean up after your activities, especially the dressing rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and auditorium.

f. Treat each other with respect and in a calm and patient manner; including face-to-face contact, and in electronic or other correspondence such as social media or text-messages.

g. Respect theatre property by treating it carefully and reporting any damages immediately.

h. Keep noise levels to a minimum when conducting activities outside of the theatre space, or when leaving the theatre venue in respect for our neighbours.

Conflicts and Disputes

i. Disagreements between members shall be addressed between those members in a calm and rational manner wherever possible.

ii. If the issue remains unresolved, or has escalated, the issue shall be referred to the Director or Producer, if applicable, or to a committee member.

iii. If the issue is still not resolved or contains serious subject matter, the issue shall be escalated to the Vice President, President or Committee.

iv. Violence or similar behaviour is unacceptable and shall result in referral to the police and evaluation of your membership.

Theatre Representation

i. No member is permitted to speak on behalf of Wollongong Workshop Theatre Inc. without the expressed, written approval from the Publicity Officer, acting Publicity Officer or a member holding office.

ii. Members holding office, or committee positions are to conduct themselves in a professional manner, acting in the best interest of the organisation with both fairness and transparency.

Illicit Activities

i. Illicit activities will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

a. Consuming illegal substances on theatre premises, or being under the influence of illegal substances on theatre premises.

b. Acting in a way which puts the health of others in jeopardy.

c. Stealing or destructive behaviour.

d. Anti-social behaviour.

ii. Smoking laws restrict smoking on premises to the dedicated smoking areas provided. Please ensure to stay in these areas or move off premises when smoking.

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