WOLLONGONG WORKSHOP THEATRE                                               SUBMISSIONS NOW OPEN!

The past two years have been one of ups and downs (Let’s face it, a lot of downs) and so as we look onto 2022, we at WWT are wanting to reconnect with you, our loyal audiences. Hence, our ’22 season will run under the theme CONNECTIONS. All of our ’22 season shows will fit in some way, shape or form under this overarching theme.

  • Will we see… a show focused on relationships?

  • Will we see… a show where two strangers meet?

  • Will we see… a show where clues must be connected to solve a mystery?

  • Will we see… families reunite and find a way to connect?

  • Will we see… removalists connect a lead to a power socket?



As well as this, WWT are celebrating their 70th Anniversary! So there is no better time than now to make your mark on what is hopefully to be a year full of things to celebrate.


If you feel like you have a show that would fit WWT’s 2022 season, complete a submission form NOW!

We are looking for new, up and coming teams to put on a show at our theatre, as well as veteran directors with a fresh take on a production they’re passionate about.


Follow the link below to download a submission form.

Add as much detail as you can so our committee can get a clear view of what show you would like to stage next year.










If you have any questions, please ask us on our socials or email wollongongworkshoptheatre@gmail.com


Submissions close Friday October 8th